Jack Handey In Trouble Again Pt One (Warning: Side Boob)

24 Oct

Quick setup:

Kenny  from my old High School had setup a Jack Handey tribute fanpage on facebook. He added me as a admin a  month or two back, which was cool…it has about 5000 and some change followers. Not bad. So there is three of us running the page: Kenny, Tom, and myself.

You can check it out here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jack-Handeys-DEEP-THOUGHTS/191997215855

This is part one of how Jack stirred some things up.

First Jack got my friend Mike in trouble:

I originally posted as my personal status update that I found on a joke app:

Did you notice that I made my profile picture pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month?

Kudos to Paula, BUUbs is funny!

So Kenny decides to post this on the Jack Handey page…as a graphic:

And there was more, but all in all good responses…lots of boob puns.

Of the 22 shares of this graphic, one of them is mine back to my page, which my friend Mike responds to….

Mike and I went to High School together, hadn’t seen him in a million years, but reconnected through Facebook. Now Mike is a generally good guy, will give you the shirt off his back even if you hated him. That’s just the type of person he is….but his women folk got a little upset at him for his responses….which were not bad at all. I would have said much worse.

The last two word bubbles are kind of scrunched. They say: “My feeble attempt to help”, and the one under that says: “Nope, going to one up me…”.

Poor Mike…don’t worry, women are the only species I know that get upset when you find them sexy or not sexy all in the same minute.

It does make me appreciate my cool wife a little more.

Facebook page for Rock Pink: http://www.facebook.com/rock.pink1


2 Responses to “Jack Handey In Trouble Again Pt One (Warning: Side Boob)”

  1. graysonjack October 25, 2011 at 11:59 AM #

    Completely off topic, but I’m assuming you’re a fan of Zombie fiction (as opposed to non-fiction?); anyway, have you read/heard of Hater by D. Moody and do you consider that zombie fiction? I happened to see it in B&N and picked it up not knowing anything about him, the book or the zombie genre but now it’s got me wondering. I liked it enough to finish it in a couple days and picked up the second in the series. Eh, anyway…just thought I’d ask.

    • chrisdevoss October 25, 2011 at 10:47 PM #

      I have not heard of D. Moody, but I will check it out. The only zombie fiction I have read is World War Z by Max Brooks and The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman. I recommend both of them even if your not a zombie fan. I try not to read too much zombie fiction because I do not want to write something thinking it’s mine own, forgetting I read it, and stored it, and now I’m spewing it out as my own thoughts.

      Love zombie movies though, they tend to be both gory and funny. A really well done zombie movie can be entertaining, while a poorly done zombie movie can turn into something to make fun of while watching.

      Hopefully Moody’s work is digital. I’m loving the digital format. I like to read on my tablet or phone.

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