Randoms Pt 2

30 Aug

I think to breath new life into any old show or movie put it on ice:

Aliens On Ice

Sanford and Son On Ice

Schindler’s List On Ice

Welcome Back Kotter On Ice

You could do this forever.


Great new band name if anyone wants it: Cupcakes For Coworkers (probably going to need a female lead singer to pull it off)


If the Kool-Aid man was real, can you imagine how much his insurance premiums would be?

What happened to Twinkie the Kid, King Dong (snicker), and all the McDonald characters? Are they still around? Are kids too cool for them? Is Mayor McCheese collecting unemployment somewhere?


Also what happened to action figures? You don’t see them much anymore. I had every Star Wars guy there was. I would save all my allowance just to buy the next new one…even if I didn’t know who the character was, or even find it in one of the movies. How many R2-D2 clones could they make and sell? There was also He-Man figures (a bit gay), GI Joe (with articulate arms!), wrestling figures (more for the budding gay male), and Star Trek (one chick, many guys). I guess kids don’t play with action figures anymore. Is Barbie even as popular as she used to be?

I still have slave Princess Lea action figure.


What is a Pringle exactly? It’s not a traditional potato chip, it’s something like potato flakes fused together. How do they make them that shape? I imagine some giant Pringles shape machine. Why isn’t there a Pringle Duck Mouth competition? Everyone has put two Pringles together in their mouth to form a duck bill, why not have a competition. Categories would be: Longest Duck Mouth before sogging, Most quacks before Pringles falling from mouth, Most articulate when making Duck Mouth. Why is the Pringle’s can so poorly designed? I know it’s their iconic look, but I can’t get my hand in their when the chips are too low. I need to invent a Pringles retriever-tong thingy. I would be a hero.

A Pringles Hero.


Why are the Angry Birds so angry? What did those Pigs do to them? I can’t wait for the movie or cartoon series to explain this…you know it’s coming.

And then…

Angry Birds On Ice

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