Questioning Spongebob Squarepants

29 Aug

The toddler has discovered Spongebob Squarepants and is (no pun intended) hooked. This is my fourth trip through Spongebob’s child-crack addicting humor as the other three children loved Spongebob at one time or another. I realize it’s just a cartoon, and fantasy, and meant for one thing only; to make you laugh…but this fourth time around I have some questions/observations.

Mr Krabs had sex with a whale. His daughter is a whale.
Spongebob’s parents are real sponges while Spongebob is a synthetic sponge.
Plankton’s wife is a computer, does he have sex with it or just watch porn on it?
Plankton only seems to have one employee, himself.
The Krusty Krab is a lobster/crab trap.
Mr Krabs spells his name with a K, like when you spell imitation crab with a K.
Spongebob’s neighborhood consists of three buildings only, a rock, and Easter Island Head, and a Pineapple.
Their cars are boats that drive underwater.
No one swims.
Is Squidward an octopus or a squid?
Why doesn’t Squidward use all of his tentacles to do stuff with?
When Spongebob and Squidward are home on their day off, who is working the Krusty Krab?
When Squidward is playing his clarinet, why doesn’t bubbles come out when he blows?
Why does Spongebob wear pants and no shirt?
Why does Squidward wear a shirt and no pants?
How did Sandy the Squirrel end up under the ocean?
They are in the ocean, yet they often go to the beach complete with sand and surf.
The buses are submarines.
Spongebob catches and releases jellyfish, but are there other options when you catch a jellyfish? Like eat them? Make them pets?
How does Spongebob’s grill stay hot underwater?

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