Zombie Vs….

22 Aug

Here are some of my movie ideas to pitch to Hollywood, complete with awesome action tag line:

Zombies Vs. Sharks

Who will have the last bite?

Zombies Vs. Politicians

The Brain Dead Vs. The Brain Dead(er)

Zombieback Mountain

Will love eat them…or will they eat love (or each other)?

Zombies Vs. Mountain Goats Vs. Rambo

You won’t know who is talking, because sometimes Rambo talks like a zombie! (We don’t know what the deal is with the mountain goats either!)

Zombies Vs Mother-In-Laws

Their blood curdling screams will send terror down your spines, and the zombies are scary too.

Zombies With IPhones

A Love Story. High School will never be the same when the Zombies with IPhones broke (and ate) everyone’s heart.

Zombies Vs. Marvel Super Heroes

We will never run out of crappy super hero movies to make as long as there is money to be made!

Zombie Lunch Box Afternoon

An independent film with a confusing title that will win a lot of awards you have never heard of but ultimately you will never see until it plays on HBO a hundred times and your extremely bored one day so you watch it until you fall asleep on the couch. One And A Half Thumbs Up!

Zombies Vs Clifford The Big Red Dog

A heart warming tale for the whole family. See the story of how one giant red dog made a difference against an army of blood-thirsty zombies. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll take your kids to therapy afterwords.

Zombies Vs Mike Tyson

Ear to ear biting action as Mike takes on the living dead.

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