Zombie Troubles

6 Aug

The witches were called in to handle the zombies. The incantations took too long and they were overrun.

Next they called the werewolves, but a full moon only happens once a month. So they respectively declined.

They tried vampires next but zombies have no blood. And besides the vampires pointed out as well, we can only fight them at night.

They turned to the fairy world next. Pixies-too small. Fairy Godmothers-only grant wishes. A zombie’s wish… to eat you. Gnomes-unless it deals with gardening, don’t bother them.

Demons are too uncontrollable and unpredictable.

So are bears, lions, and mountain goats.

There is only one Frankenstein, which does no good against a horde of undead.

Bigfoot is retired and only does talk shows now.

The Zombie Whisperers did not do what they had promised they could do.  They should have promised they could get eaten, because that’s all they did.

Robots are too expensive, mother nature is too slow….so they turned to science.

And science came through.

Scientists created this type of super zombie. The super zombie hunted and ate zombies.

It worked well. Zombies disappeared at a rapid rate.

Which posed a very important question.

What happens when they run out of zombies…

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