Trouble In A Bubble

5 Aug

Let me set this up: I’m driving home from my oldest daughter’s dance recital. I have the toddler (who is 4), and two of the toddler’s friends (who are 6 and 4 maybe) in the car as well. Normally I listen to a  talk radio station in Orlando, 104.1. (Those who know it, know it’s not your grandpa’s talk station of boring politics, boring sports, and/or boring community affairs. This one is actually entertaining, and the Buckethead show was on which I really like.) I thought I would be nice to the toddlers and run a Pandora station through the car I created called apples and bananas.

You know, songs good for toddlers.

So the first song that comes on was something about a monkey…monkey moo…or monkey mood…I don’t know but it had a good beat and the girls laughed every time the singer said monkey, which was about a gazillion times.


I am feeling successful and OK with the decision of sacrificing my show since the kids are enjoying it.

The next song that came on was ‘Sing A Song’. A classic, been around since my childhood. The girls didn’t enjoy it as much, but hey, it’s kind of slow and nappy, and doesn’t have the word monkey in it.

The next song to come on was ‘No Trouble In A Bubble’ or something like that, and it was done by The Mickey Mouse Playhouse. Cool. I actually work for the Mouse, so it’s good to support my boys you know. The song was upbeat and catchy, harmless, had Goofy in it which is always a home run for humor.

The toddlers however turned on me. My toddler said, “I can’t take this song anymore.”

Mind you this was not the worst song ever, no monkey in it grant you, but still not the worst song. Trust me, my oldest loved Barney the Dinosaur.

She said it again, “I can’t take this song anymore.” Then she got the other two to start chanting, “I can’t take this song anymore, I can’t take this song anymore, I can’t take this song anymore, I can’t take this song anymore!”

Now I’m in heavy traffic. Pandora is on my phone playing through the media jack on the car. The phone is sitting in the passenger’s seat in sleep mode. What I’m getting at is, the skip feature on Pandora is just not a feasible option at this time.

“I can’t take this song anymore, I can’t take this song anymore, I can’t take this song anymore!”

“Hey guys,” I shouted. “This is Mickey Mouse. This is a good song. Stop chanting please!”

One girl looked at me and asked, “What’s chanting?”

Another little girl looked at me and asked, “Do you have any Selena Gomez?”

And the last little girl looked at me and said, “I gotta potty.”

So I turned the Buckethead show back on.

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