Massive Headache

2 Aug

I promised myself that I would try to post a blog everyday, but today my head is pounding. I can’t think, it hurts so bad. The only thing I can think to write is:

Zombie Haiku

Aaaarg Aaaarg Aaaa
Aaaarg Aaaaarg Brains Aaaaarg
Chomp Chomp Chomp Aaaarg

I’m not good at figuring out which medicine works the best for which aliment. (and my wife is not here to ask) So I took an Advil, a Tums, a Flintstone vitamin, some purple and red cough syrup mixed together, and an old dusty M&M I found behind the toaster.

This is a bad combination, because my head still hurts and I have a sudden urge to go clubbing in my underwear.

I would lie down but the tap dancing gnomes in my head get even angrier at me. I think it’s because I put their dance floor at a 90 degree angle, thus making it harder to dance.

Since we are out of ice, I’m going to make a cold compress out of an empty beer bottle and a Swanson Frozen Lasagna.

This is not effective, by the way, as I currently have a frost bitten lasagna noodle attached to my left eyebrow.

I fear if I pull it off, I could lose the eyebrow.

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