Things I Have Learned This Weekend

31 Jul

Things I have learned this weekend.

  • A dog has no butt cheeks.
  • Hoarders usually have bad teeth.
  • Putting chap stick on a DVD does not fix the scratches, but it does make it shiny and moist.
  • Wishing I could earn achievements, badges, stickers at work like I do in video games and social media sites.
  • Teenagers are actually vampires, except they need chicken nuggets to survive, not blood.
  • No one in my family likes Harry Belafonte.
  • My computer does not unlimited space to add a hundred useless programs and I may have to delete some.
  • Some turkeys have really, really, really big legs, and they cost $9 if you want to eat them
  • My teenage daughter wants all her birthday presents to come from Europe.
  • Racists people need love too, only from people of their same color though.
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