Life’s Rich Pageant

13 Jul

Just got an email that R.E.M’s Life’s Rich Pageant is being reissued for some anniversary of some sort. One that makes me feel old, and two that makes me remember I haven’t listen to R.E.M in a really long time. Which is sad, because R.E.M was a band that was really important in my musical listening history.

At first R.E.M was a cool secret among just a few of us as Def Leppard, Whitesnake, and Van Halen logos dominated most grocery bag school book covers. Their first 4 or 5 albums we didn’t know anything about the band except they had this unique sound, and that they numbered their albums. For some reason I really liked the fact that they numbered the spines. As I lined up my cassettes it made it easy to display in discography order. (OCD beginnings?)

For those who do not know what cassettes are, they look like a shrunken pop tart, and had two spools inside of them that held reel to reel tape, but smaller. They were easy to fit into your pocket without the case, and easy to break, un-spool, and lose.  They had a side A and a side B, and you could write things you regretted later on the label like, “Laura’s Mix Tape ’88 I love you Don’t leave me!”

They later gave way to CDs, which gave way to MP3s, which will one day give way to being able to hear music with your eyes. (In a near and far future.)

Before I go to work, I’m going to go into the garage and find my CD collection, grab this album, and revisit this band on the tedious drive. And yes, I do forgive R.E.M for the song, Shiny Happy People, everyone has a WTF am I doing moment in their life…I am just going to chalk it up as the members of R.E.M wanted to have sex with the B-52s…

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