Upset Stomach

12 Jul

Last night we went to eat out after work. I got some pork ribs, which I had gotten once before and had gotten sick from later.

So, you ask, why would you get them again?

Because, I answer, I thought it was a fluke thing the first time…and I have eaten many things from this restaurant with no problems in the past, and they are a local chain, one of the few that is always packed anymore, and it was the special. (Meaning it was a really good price!)

I don’t think it’s the restaurant’s fault though, I think pork and I are no longer friends. Which is sad because unless your religious beliefs dictate it so, bacon is so good. Bacon is modern day nectar from the gods.

I was even contemplating opening a bacon themed restaurant. Bacon sandwiches, bacon fries, bacon smoothies…

I guess I could still open the restaurant and never eat there myself…yeah, right.

Hopefully they make pork intolerant pills like they make lactose intolerant pills and I should be ok.

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