GoKarting And The Art Of Zen

9 Jul

The boys can’t do anything just for fun. It always has to be some sort of competition.

Except there is never any trophy, so I’m not sure what the point is… except to maybe crowned King Pointless.

Now I’m listening to the boys argue at the gokart track (for the millionth time in about only 10 races mind you) on who came in first… and guess what, your only riding on a souped up lawn mowers…in a circle none-the-less.

I’m thinking about bolting a couple of lawn chairs to a couple of lawn mowers and let them race to see who can cut the grass the fastest.

Just try to have fun please.

Although Dylan did get his revenge in bumper boats. The gun on the front of Jamie’s boat was aimed a little too high to hit Dylan.

Dylan managed to keep a constant blast of water in Jamie’s face while Jamie kept a constant blast of water over Dylan’s head and onto the back of his boat.

I laughed my ass off.

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